Professor Rodgers' Introduction to College Writing Course: Fall 2016

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Wednesday, Aug. 31 - Tuesday, Sept. 6
What Is Writing?: An Introduction to the Course and the Question     
Course Syllabus

Introduction to What Is Writing?

Active Reading

Gorrell: The Writer/Reader
LJ1: Yourself

Group Assignment: GA1

Reading and Writing Assignment:
RWA1: What Is This Class About?
What Is Rhetoric?

What Is the MLA?

Taking Notes

Some Elements of Writing: Overview


Wednesday, Sept. 7 - 
Tuesday Sept. 13
Reading Is (a) Conversation(s): Reading as a Writer       
Three Personal Narrative Essays About Reading and WritingJournal: 
LJ2: Yourself and Reading

Group Assignment: GA2

RWA2: Responding to Reading
What Is Writing?: A
Brief Introduction to Writing as an Act of Communication

Some Elements of Writing: Paragraphs

Some Elements of Writing: Writing About Texts

Bazerman Chapter 2

"Reading: Making a Mark" by David Bartholomae and Andrew Petrovsky


Wednesday, Sept. 14 - 
Tuesday Sept. 20
Writing Is a Process:  Brainstorming
Three Personal Narrative Essays About Reading and Writing

LJ3: How Do You Write?

Group Assignment:
GA3: Brainstorming

RWA3: Brainstorming a Personal Literacies Narrative Essay
 My Writing Process

Brainstorming (UNC
Writing Center)

Brainstorming (KU Writing Center)

How Do I Start Writing?

College Writing: Some FAQs About Writing As a Process

Norton Guide to Writing Literacy Narrative Essays

Wednesday, Sept. 21 - 
Tuesday Sept. 27
Writing Is a Process:  Drafting, or Writing for Yourself and for Readers Personal "Literacies" Narrative Essay Assignment

Three Personal Narrative Essays About Reading and Writing

Lamott: Shitty First Drafts

Elements of Writing: Some Steps in Drafting
LJ4: What Are Your Strengths as a Communicator?

GA4: Drafting: What Worked, What Didn't, What Questions Do You Now Have

RWA4: Drafting a Personal Literacies Narrative Essay
Drafting: Some Steps (CUNY WriteSite)

Norton Guide to Writing Literacy Narrative Essays

Wednesday, Sept. 28 - 
Tuesday Oct. 4
Writing Is a Process:  The Stages of Revision
What Is Revision?
1. Structural Revision
2. Line Editing (see WiW 42)
3. Proofreading (see WiW 43)

Revision: Higher Order and Lower Order Concerns (Purdue OWL)

How To Write an Introduction

How To Write a Compelling Conclusion (UNC)

LJ5: Reflecting on the Drafting Process

GA5: Questions and Observations About the Revision Process: Structural Revision, Line Editing, Proofreading

RWA5: Preparing a Finished Draft
UNC Writing Center: Revision

Norton Field Guide: Revision

Guidelines for Peer Editing

Wednesday, Oct. 5 - 
Tuesday Oct. 11
Writing Is (a) Conversation(s): Introduction to Argumentation
Nicholas Carr, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?"

Ursula LeGuin, "The Death of the Book"

Jason Silverman, "The Internet Does Not Exist"
LJ6: Reading Online and in Print

GA6: Questions and thoughts about summary writing, writing about texts, and what we are reading

RWA6: Actively Read and Respond to an Essay

Some Elements of Writing: Writing About Texts

Introduction to Summary Writing

Using Textual Evidence Effectively in Your Writing: Quoting, Paraphrasing, Summarizing

Norton: Reading Strategies


Wednesday, Oct. 12 - 
Tuesday Oct. 18
Online Midterm Exam 
A Brief Introduction to Argumentative Writing

Norton: Thesis Statements

Norton: Arguing a Position
LJ7: If you were to tell a story...

GA7.1: Post Your One Paragraph Summary on the OpenLab :: DUE OCT.12

GA7.2: Post Your Draft Thesis Statement on the OpenLab :: DUE OCT. 15

RWA7: Write a five paragraph letter explaining why you agree or disagree with Carr's, LeGuin's, or Silverman's essay.

What Is a Thesis Statement?

Some Thesis Statement Tips

What Is a Paragraph?

What Is a Topic Sentence?

Structural Overview of a Five Paragraph Argumentative Response Essay


Wednesday, Oct. 19 - 
Tuesday Oct. 25
Writing Is (a) Conversation(s):  Writing With and About Texts
Distinguishing Between Claims and Evidence

Using Textual Evidence Effectively (Quoting, Paraphrasing, Summarizing)
 LJ8: If I were to tell ____ what I really think...

GA8: Questions About Writing Argumentative Response Essays

RWA8: Revise Your One Paragraph Summary and Draft/Revise Your Argumentative Response Essay
 Overview and Chapter Summaries of They Say/I Say

They Say / I Say eBook


Wednesday, Oct. 26 - 
Tuesday Nov. 1
Writing Is (a) Conversation(s):  Writing With and About TextsThe Phenomenon of Error in Writing

Understanding Complete Sentences in SWE

Professor Rodgers' Introduction to Understanding and Repairing Errors in SWE

LJ9: Writing, Dialects, and Choosing a Short Story

GA9: Questions and Answers About SWE

RWA9: Creating a Writing Inventory
Peer Review: Argumentative Response Essay

Wednesday, Nov. 2 - 
Tuesday Nov. 8
Writing Is (a) Conversation(s):  Writing With and About Texts

Library Visit: 11/2, 4pm-4:50pm
A Brief Introduction to College Research

ENG1101 Research Assignment

ENG1101 Library Research Worksheet
 LJ10: What Issue Are You Passionate About?

GA10.1: Questions About Developing Research Questions and College Research Projects  

GA10.2: Which Story Are You Reading, Why?

RWA10: Introduction to College Research and Developing a Research Question

Wednesday, Nov. 9 - 
Tuesday Nov. 15
Research ProjectsResearch Source Cover SheetLJ11: Read the short story you selected and, after reading it, spend five minutes writing about it.

GA11: Understanding Bibliographic Citations

RWA11: Collecting Sources

Wednesday, Nov. 16 - 
Tuesday Nov. 22
Research ProjectsWhat Is a Bibliography?

Sample Annotated Bibliography
LJ12: Reflect on what it has been like to keep a weekly learning journal.

GA12: One Paragraph Blog Post Comparing and Contrasting Your Three Sources

RWA12: Preparing an Annotated Bibliography

Wednesday, Nov. 23 - 
Tuesday Nov. 29
Research Projects

MLA In-Text Citation Style GuidelinesLJ13: Optional: Design Your Own Writing Prompt 

GA13: Questions About the Overview of Sources Essay

RWA13: Draft Overview of Sources Essay

Sample Overview of Sources Essay

Wednesday, Nov. 30 - 
Tuesday Dec. 6
Research Projects

Revise Overview of Sources Essay and Prepare Final Course Portfolio 

Wednesday, Dec. 7 - 
Tuesday, Dec. 13
Final Exam Prep


Course Review 
Wednesday, Dec. 14 Final Exam