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About Kepler's Somnium

Though originally written in Latin, there are several English translations Kepler's Somnium available.  Here is a note on the translations from Gale E. Christianson's 1976 article on the book: "Translation of the Somnium into English was first undertaken by Joseph Keith Lane, a candidate for the Master of Arts degree at Columbia University in 1947. The thesis has not been published. The first complete published translation in English appeared in 1965: Kepler’s Dream trans. by Patricia Frueh Kirkwood with an interpretation by John Lear (Berkeley and Los Angeles). A subsequent translation appeared in 1967: Kepler’s Somnium, trans. with a commentary by Edward Rosen (Madison and London)." (SF Studies, 1976,  In addition to the translations mentioned by Christianson, there is also a 1962 translation by Normand Raymond Farlardeau, which is currently accessible on the web via the Creighton University  database of theses and dissertations.

Below you will find a list of different editions of the book with links when available.

Lane English Edition (1946)

See also: Marjorie Hope Nicolson's 1957 article "Kepler, the Somnium, and John Donne."