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Group Assignment 1

  • GA1.1:  Introductions

  • Please introduce yourself by replying to the INTRODUCTIONS blog post on our Open Lab Site.  Make sure to include your NAME, your MAJOR, and a few things about yourself that you’d like to share with the class. PLEASE also include  three questions that you’d like your classmates to answer and reply to the questions of  at least TWO of your classmates.

  • GA1.2: Three Questions About Our Syllabus

    Please read over the course syllabus and reply to this BLOG POST by listing three SPECIFIC questions that you have about our syllabus. For instance, “Why are we reading x instead of y?”; “What does the term ‘rhetoric’ mean?”; etc. ALSO: Please reply to at least one person’s BLOG post, either by answering his/her question, or by expanding on one of his/her questions.

    GA1.3: English Handbook Selection: What and Why

    After deciding which English Handbook (one you already own, Good Writing Made Simple, or an Open Access Handbook) you will be using for this course, please reply to this BLOG POST by explaining which English Handbook will you be using for this course and why  you chose the one you did.