Week Topic Reading WritingHandouts
 1What Is Writing?: An Introduction to the Course and the Question     
Course Syllabus

Introduction to What Is Writing? (Slightly Longer Introduction)

Active Reading

Kutz: The Writer/Reader

LJ1: Yourself

Group Assignment: GA1

Reading and Writing Assignment:
RWA1: What Is This Class About?


What Is Rhetoric?

What Is the MLA?

Taking Notes

 2Reading Is (a) Conversation(s): Reading as a Writer        "Reading Rhetorically" by Malea Powell

Three Personal Narrative Essays About Reading and Writing

"Superman and Me" by Sherman Alexie

"Autobiography" by Charles Darwin (pp. 25-35)

"How I Learned to Write (It Involved a Lot of Readng!)" by Idzie Desmarais

"Where I Learned to Read" by Salvatore Scibona

Tan, Anzaldua

Brainstorming Exercise:

Freewriting Exercise:

LJ2: Yourself and Reading

Group Assignment: GA2

RWA2: Responding to Reading and Brainstorming a Personal Literacies Narrative Essay

Some Elements of Writing: Overview

"Reading: Making a Mark" by David Bartholomae and Andrew Petrovsky

Bazerman Chapter 2

Essays I'd Like to Teach This Semester:

Smith, "Speaking In Tongues"

Fromkin, "What Is Language?"

What Is Writing?: A Brief Introduction to Writing as an Act of Communication

 3Writing Is a Process:  Brainstorming Writing for Yourself and for Readers
Tan, Anzaldua, Smith (in college writing reading packet)

Smith "Speaking in Tongues"

Bazerman Chapter 2

LJ3: How Do You Write?

RWA3: Your Strengths as a Communicator

Group Assignment:
GA3: Brainstorming

RWA3: Brainstorming a Personal Literacies Narrative Essay

 Critical Reading

 My Writing Process

Brainstorming (UNC
Writing Center)

Brainstorming (KU Writing Center)

How Do I Start Writing?

College Writing: Some FAQs About Writing As a Process

Norton Guide to Writing Literacy Narrative Essays
 4Writing Is (a) Conversation(s):  Drafting, Writing for Yourself and for Readers Rodgers, "10 Things You Need To Know About Writing As A Process"

Lamott: Shitty First Drafts

Norton Handbook

University of Toronto: Organizing an Essay
Steps in Drafting (CUNY WriteSite)
1. State Your Main Idea
2. Consider Your Audience
3. Discover Your Strategy Using Key Words
4.  Generate Ideas By Asking Questions
5. Generate Ideas By Answering Your Questions
6. Write a Draft
7. Break your draft into parts
8. Write your topic sentences
9. Organize: connect and arrange your sections
10. Support your ideas: facts, examples, details, and more
11. Work on your paragraph structure
12. Write or rewrite your thesis
13. Write your introduction
14. Write your conclusion
15. Revise your full draft
16. Complete your final draft
Paradigm: Organizing Essays

Paradigm: Writing Thesis/Support Essays

Paradigm: Writing Informal Essays

LJ4: Words and Images 

RWA4: Brainstorming and First Draft Literacy Narrative Essay

Peer Review:
Exploratory Draft Narrative Essay Peer Review

Norton Writing Literacy Narratives
 5Writing Is (a) Conversation(s): The Stages of Revision
McCloud, Scott.  "Show and Tell."

RWA5: Read and Describe Some Texts
Writing About Texts

Norton:  Writing Textual Analyses
 6Introduction to Argumentation
Nicholas Carr, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?"

Ursula LeGuin, "The Death of the Book"

Jason Silverman, "The Internet Does Not Exist"

Sherry Turkle, "How Computers Change the Way We Think"

"Slips of the Tongue and Mind" (LSA)

Psychopathology of Everyday Life by Sigmund Freud (1901)
 RWA6: Analyze Some Texts

Gold: Summary/Response Essay Assignment
What Is a Thesis Statement?

Norton: Thesis Statements

Norton: Arguing a Position
 7Midterm Exam

 RWA7: Analyze Some Texts
Norton: Taking Essay Exams
 8Revision Is a Process:  Peer Review and the Three Stages of Revision

Norton: Assessing Your Own Writing
 RWA8: Revise One Paragraph Summary; Draft/Revise Argumentative Response Essay 
 9Writing About TextsMcCloud, Scott
Gee, James Paul
Carr, Nicholas

They Say I Say
 RWA9: Research Project Assignments 
 10Research for AdvocacyMcCloud, Scott
Gee, James Paul
Carr, Nicholas

They Say I Say
 11Research for Advocacy
 Norton: Research  
 12Research Projects
 Norton: Research  Sample Overview of Sources Essay
 13Research Projects
 Norton: Research  They Say/I Say Intro
 14Research Projects
 Norton: Taking Essay Exams  
 15Final Exam
 Norton Beginnings and Endings


Essays on Dialects