Introduction to Science Fiction Digital Reader

Lucian, "Icaromenippus," True History (c. 150 A.C.E.)

Defoe, Daniel. The Consolidator (1705)

Swift, Jonathan.  Gulliver's Travels (1726)

 (Shelley (1818)) [digital edition]

A Voyage to the Moon (Tucker (1827)

From the Earth to the Moon (Verne (1865))

Zamyatian, Yevgeny. We (1921)

Huxley, Aldous.  Brave New World (1932)

Weinbaum, Stanley "The Worlds of If" (1935) [Wonder Stories, August, 1935]

Orwell, George.  1984 (1949) [about]

The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction

Critical and Cultural Studies Articles and Collections

The Oxford Handbook of Science Fiction (Rob Latham, Ed. (2014))

"On Defining SF, Or Not" (John Rieder, 2010)

"Towards an Aesthetics of Science Fiction" (1975 Science Fiction Studies)

"Science and Science Fiction" (Kathryn Cramer (1995))

Gernsback’s “Wonder Essays”

Reference Sites and Books

Archival Collections

Digital Text Collections

Astounding Stories @ Internet Archive

Scientific Papers

Proceedings of the Royal Society (1660 - present)  Volume 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Clausius, R. The Mechanical Theory of Heat (1867)

Helmholtz, H. On the Conservation of Force (1847)

Thomson, William.  "On the Age of the Sun's Heat" (1862)

Historical Texts Related to Defining SF as a Genre

Wilson, William.  A Little Earnest Book on a Great Old Subject (1851; cited by Stableford as the earliest published reference to "science fiction")


Abbott, Edwin

Isaac Asimov

J. G. Ballard

Alfred Bester

The Stars My Destination

Clare Winger Harris

Robert A. Heinlein

“The Green Hills of Earth” (1947)

Stranger in a Strange Land

For Us, the Living: A Comedy of Customs (published posthumously 2004)

Pierre Jules Hetzel

Aldous Huxley

Cece Goldsmith Lalli

Ursula Le Guin

"The Master" (Fantastic Stories of Imagination, 1963)

Edward Page Mitchell

Frederic Pohl

Joanna Russ

"The Second Inquisition"

"The Image of Women in Science Fiction" (1970; Red Clay Reader)

"The Wearing Out of Genre Materials" (1971; College English)

"Towards an Aesthetics of Science Fiction" (1975 Science Fiction Studies)

James Tiptree, Jr. 

Jules Verne

Stanley Graumann Weinbaum

H.G. Wells

"The Crystal Egg"  (1897, The New Review)

Pamela Zoline

"The Heat Death of the Universe" (1967)