RWA6: Reading a Work of Fiction of Your Choice

DUE: Monday, October 1

Please choose either a short story, a film, or an episode of a television show to read.  After reading/viewing the fictional text of your choice (films and tv shows are texts, as are actual printed texts), please do two things:

1/ In one to two pages, please explain who wrote the piece, when it was written/produced, and what the text is about (brief plot synopsis and overview of the story (“story” is used here in the technical sense); cite one passage or scene that you found particularly noteworthy, interesting, or confusing and discuss this passage/scene in the context of the text as a whole; discuss why/how the text may be unique relative to the elements of fiction that we’ve been discussing all semester (plot, setting, character, narrative point of view, figurative language, structure).

2/ Make a one to two paragraph blog post to our course Open Lab site in which you explain what text you choose (please include the title and author), why you choose it, and, in the context of the elements of fiction that we have discussed, why it may be important for our class to read/view the text