Literatures and Technologies Reader

Lucian, "Icaromenippus," True History (moon voyage) (c. 150 A.C.E.)

Kepler, Johannes. Somnium (moon voyage) (1634) [about]

de Bergerac, Cyrano. A Voyage to the Moon (1656)  [1909 Doubleday Edition of Lovell's 1687 Translation] [ edition]

The Consolidator (Defoe/space travel) (1705)

Gulliver's Travels (Swift/watch/gun/knowledge machine/floating islands) (1726))

Tristram Shandy (Sterne/printing and the book (1759))

Giphantia (Tiphaigne/photography (1761))

"The Sandman" (Hoffman/automatons (1816))

 (Shelley/genetic engineering (1818))

The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr (Hoffman/book making (1819-1821))

Voyage to the Moon (Atterley/Tucker/space exploration (1827))

"Maelzel's Chess Player" (Poe/automaton/The Southern and Western Literary Messenger and Review (1836))

"The Daguerreotipe" (Morse letter to New York Observer) (1839)

"The Daguerreotype" (Poe/Alexander's Weekly Messenger) (1840)

Ursule Mirouet (Balzac/book making (1842))

"The Birth Mark" (Hawthorne/daguerreotype/The Pioneer)(1843)

"The Balloon Hoax" (Poe/air travel/newspapers (1844))

"The Paradise of Bachelors and The Tartarus of Maids" (1855) (Melville/paper/Harper's April, 1855, pp. 670-678)

"The First Aeronauts" (1855/Harper's)

"The Stereoscope and the Stereograph" (Wendell Holmes/photography/daguerreotype/Atlantic Monthly) (1859)

"My Lost Art" (M. D. Conway/daguerreotype/Atlantic Monthly) (1862)

"The Poetry Machine" (Barnard/automated composition/Boys and Girl's Magazine) (1873))

"The Loves of Alonzo Fitz Clarence and Rosannah Ethelton" (Twain/telephone/Atlantic Monthly/March, 1878)

"A Telephonic Conversation" (Twain/telephone/Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 45, 1880)

Wired Love: A Romance of Dots and Dashes (Ella Cheever Thayer/telephone/telegraph/1880)

The Canterville Ghost (O. Wilde/photography (1887))

"The Blindman's World" (Edward Bellamy/space travel (1886)/Atlantic Monthly)

Looking Backward (Edward Bellamy/time travel (1888))

"With the Eyes Shut" (Edward Bellamy/phonography/audio books/trains (1889, Harpers, October, Vol. 79 No. 473 (reprinted in the 1898 collection The Blindman's World and Other Stories))

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (Mark Twain/time travel/1889)

"Dr. Materialismus" (F. J. Stimson/automatons/Scribner's November, 1890)

"Woman in the Year 2000" (Bellamy/Ladies Home Journal/February, 1891)

"Mental Telegraphy" (Mark Twain/remote communication/Harper's Magazine, December 1891)

"The End of Books" (Octave Uzanne / Illustrated by A. Robida. Scribner's Magazine, 16 (1894) pp 221-231 and presumed to be an "essay"; published as a short story in Contes pours les bibliophiles (1895))

"The Story of an Hour" (Chopin/railways/Vogue (1894); Chopin's original title for this short story was "Story of a Dream." The title was changed to "The Story of an Hour" in 1969 by Per Seversted, the editor of a collected edition of Chopin's fiction)

"The Time Machine" (H.G. Wells/The New Review/1895) 

"From the London Times, 1904" (Mark Twain/time travel; remote communication/1898)

"In the Cage" (Henry James/telegraphy (1898))

"The Enchanted Typewriter" (John Kendrick Bangs/typewriter/Harper's Weekly Vol. 43) (1899))

"Moxon's Monster" (Ambrose Bierce/automatons/San Francisco Examiner (1899))

McTeague (Frank Norris/kinetoscope (1899))

The First Writing Machines (Twain/Typewriter (1904))

"Crossed Wires" (1909/Good Housekeeping)

"The Machine Stops" (Forster/video-phone/artificial environments/The Oxford and Cambridge Review, November, 1909)

City of Refuge (Fisher/automobiles/Atlantic Monthly/1925))

Vag (Dos Passos/hitch-hiking/airplane/New Republic/1936)

The Total Library (Borges/book/libraries,1939)

"Typewriter in the Sky" (Hubbard/books/November, 1940)

Library of Babel (Borges/book/libraries, 1944)

"The Great Automatic Grammatizator" (Dahl/language/grammar, 1948)

"To The Future" (Ray Bradbury/telephones/time travel/Colliers/1950)

"There Will Come Soft Rains" (Ray Bradbury/automation/Colliers/1950)

"EPICAC" (Kurt Vonnegut/computers/ENIAC/Colliers,1950)

A Thing About Machines (Rod Serling/typewriter, razor, TV, 1960)

"How the World Was Saved" (Stanislav Lem/printing press/dictionaries/nature/1967)

"Cybernetics and Ghosts" (Calvino/story generators, 1967)

"Tale of the Three Storytelling Machines" (Stanislav Lem/story generators, 1967)

"U-Write-It" (Lem/story generators/1971)

"The Index" (1977/published 1991) (Ballard/printing and the book/The Paris Review)

Letters (John Barth/writing/books/1979)

"On Graphology as an Applied Science" (Cortazar/pencil; Around the Day In Eighty Worlds)

"The Word Processor" (Stephen King/word processor/Playboy/1983)

"Click" (John Barth/hypertext/Atlantic Monthly/1997)

"Literary Devices" by Richard Powers (Powers/Internet/Salon)

DNA (Rodgers/internet/wikipedia/2014)


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