Writing Journal 1: Yourself

    • Please reflect on the following questions and spend anywhere from fifteen minutes to a half hour responding to them. This is informal writing, meaning the form and voice in which you reply is quite open ended.

      • Where are you from?
      • Describe your family.
      • Where did you go to school?
      • Is there a particular story that you could relate to offer some insight into your personality or personal characteristics? For instance, your response to a special event, a particularly vivid memory, a learning experience, etc.

      With free writing, the only rule is that you are NOT ALLOWED TO STOP WRITING.  This means that if you do not have something to say/write, you just write, “I have nothing to say at the moment,” or “My mind is blank,” etc.  Please time yourself for this structured free writing assignment and try to write at least five to seven sentences in response to each question.