LJ9: Writing, Dialects, and Choosing a Short Story

  • First, please read this very brief Wikipedia entry on Standard Written English.  Then, spend 5 to 7 minutes free writing about your thoughts and opinions about Standard Written English (SWE), whether you feel it is possible to become proficient in SWE without adopting it as your primary dialect, and whether and how SWE has a place amongst the different languages and dialects that you know and use on a regular basis.

  • Second, please read the Introduction to _The World’s Greatest Short Stories_ (pp. v – vii).  Afterwards, briefly skim through the book and, without reading any story in its entirety, please select one story that you would like to read.  Then, write one paragraph explaining why you selected that story to read and why you want to read it.  For any of you who have not yet purchased  _The World’s Greatest Short Stories_ , please read ONE of the Essays/Articles and then select one of the Stories listed on this page: https://sites.google.com/site/citytechcollegewriting/intro-to-fiction-readings