Peer Review Research Essay

Peer Review Worksheet

Professor Rodgers

College Writing

2017 Peer Review Worksheet

Author of Paper:                                                                  Title of Paper:

Please answer the following questions to prepare a cover sheet to help your peer reviewer in his/her review of your essay.

Research Question

Thesis Statement:  Your thesis statement explains what you will do in the paper.  Do you believe you have accomplished what your thesis statement promises you will accomplish in this draft?  Why or why not?


The purpose for this essay is to explain to your reader what these texts are about and how they relate to your research question.  To do so, you will need to identify the key issues that are discussed and the authors’ positions on these issues.  

What are the key issues that you have identified across the three texts that you discuss in your essay?  Please list them here:

What is each author’s position on these key issues?   

Has your current draft effectively put the opinions of these authors into dialogue with one another regarding the key issues you have identified?  Why or why not?

Topic Sentences

How well does the topic sentence of each paragraph fit with the paragraph?

BP1 excellent       good         needs work         none             why?:

BP2 excellent       good         needs work         none             why?:

BP3 excellent       good         needs work         none             why?:

Paragraph Focus

Do any of these paragraphs support multiple points?  If so, should they be broken up into separate paragraphs, or could they stand on their own with a revised topic sentence?

Paragraph Development

Are there paragraphs that are too short to stand on their own as paragraphs?

Are the sentences in each paragraph in logical order?

Textual Evidence

Look at one instance of the your use of textual evidence, please assess how well you use the ICE guideline:

Introduces    excellent       good         needs work         none             why?:

Cites             excellent       good         needs work         none             why?:

Explains       excellent       good         needs work         none             why?:

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