Peer Review Research Proposal

Professor Rodgers

Peer Review Worksheet: Research Proposal



Carefully read the guidelines for the proposal and the proposal all the way through.  Having read the both, now go back through with pen in hand and respond to it considering the following:

1/ Title:  Does the title clearly represent the overall purpose and argument of the research proposal?  Why or why not?

What do you like about the title?

Do you have any suggestions for the title in order to make it a fuller or better representation of the research project?

2/ Project Overview:

After reading the project overview, do you still have any questions about the topic?  For instance, what the topic is, or why it is important?  If so, list them here:

What additional background information about the topic would be helpful to you as a reader?  Please list your questions here:

Does the overview end with a statement of the Research Question or a Draft Thesis?  Please write the research question or draft thesis that the overview ends with here:

3/ Key Questions:

Do the key questions clearly explain what will be discussed in the research essay?  Why or why not?  

Do you have any suggestions for additional key questions that would be helpful to you as a reader of this proposal/research essay?

4/ Annotated Bibliography:

Has the author followed the guidelines for MLA bibliographic citations?  Please make a note on the proposal of any issues in the bibliography that do not appear to adhere to MLA guidelines.

Please list the TYPE OF SOURCE you believe the author is referencing based on the citation written.  Once you have done that, please review the type of source you believe the source to be with the author.  

5/ Finally, please list three things that you like about the proposal:

And list three questions that you have about the topic:

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