Personal Essay Exploratory Draft Interview

Personal Essay Draft 1 Interview
Professor Rodgers
Introduction to College Writing

Essay Writer:

Peer Editor:

1.        Tell me about your essay.  What is it about?   


2.       Who is the audience for the essay?  How is that evident even in this draft (word choice, style, other?)?


3.       Does it have a title?  If no, what might be a working title for the essay?



4.       In addition to fulfilling the assignment for the course, what is the purpose of this essay?



5.       What do you like about this draft?



6.       What do you believe makes the draft unique both in terms of its content and the style of the writing?



7.       Do you feel that this draft fulfills your purpose for the essay?  Why?  Why not?  What does it need in order to better fulfill its purpose?



After completing this interview, please read your partner’s draft.  Then, please discuss these questions again, comparing and contrasting your answers and the writer’s answers and discussing similarities and differences between them. 

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