Professor Rodgers' Open Access Rhetoric

Professor Rodgers' Framework for Understanding Some Elements of Writing

Rhetorical:  Writer, Audience, Purpose
Processual: Brainstorming, Drafting, Revision

Structural: Introduction, Body, Conclusion

Literal: Words, Sentences, Paragraphs  

About Rhetorics

What Is Writing?

Professor Rodgers' Brief Introduction to Writing as an Act of Communication

Professor Bazerman's Introduction to Writing as an Act of Communication

An Introduction to Rhetoric

Purdue OWL: Rhetorical Situations

Norton Introduction to Rhetorical Situations

Assessing and Writing In Response to Rhetorical Contexts

A Rhetorical View of Writing (MSU/WIDE Research Center Collective)

Understanding Genre

Introduction to Genre

Understanding Genre: Reading 1/Chapter 2: Charles Bazerman's Rhetoric of Literate Action

Understanding Genre: Reading 2/Chapter 9: Charles Bazerman's Rhetoric of Literate Action

An Introduction to Reading as a Process

An Introduction to Active Reading

Active Reading: The Basics

Active Reading: Some Strategies

Professor Powell's Introduction to Reading Rhetorically

Responding to Reading and Keeping a Reading Journal

Some Questions for Reading Rhetorically (Professor Rodgers)

Describe, Analyze, Interpret: Professor Rodgers' Guidelines for Analyzing Texts 

"How To Read a Book" by Paul N. Edwards

An Introduction to Writing as a Process



Drafting (Overview)

Drafting (How To: 15 Steps)


"A Writing Process" by Vinetta Bell

Developing a Writing Schedule

Understanding College Writing

Professor Rodgers' Twelve Elements of College Writing  [overview]  [class discussion]

Professor Yagelski's Ten Core Concepts of Writing          [overview]

How To Links

An Introduction to "The" College Essay

An Introduction to "The" Research Process

Some Essays by Genre

Personal Essay: "Superman and Me" by Sherman Alexie

Personal Essay: "Salvation" by Langston Hughes

Personal Essay: "Letter From a Region of My Mind" by James Baldwin (1962)

Personal Essay: "Lost and Found" by Colson Whitehead

Personal Essay"Paradise Sold" by David Sedaris

Personal Essay: "The Crystal Land" by Robert Smithson

Personal Essay: "Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan

Textual Analysis

Researched Essay: "Own Your Own Words" by Stephen Johnson

Researched Essay:  "You Are What You Grow" by Michael Pollan

Publications of Student Writing
Young Scholars in Writing:

City Tech Writer: