Drafting is not only part of the writing process, it is itself a process with discrete steps. Some writers commonly write multiple drafts of a piece before they consider it complete, whereas others plan and outline a piece in their minds, write one finished draft, and then work through the revision process.

If you are still trying to figure out what the stages of your writing process are, it is a good idea to try writing multiple drafts.  Start with an exploratory draft, which is a draft that you write just for yourself, using it to express everything you have to say about a topic.  Read through this draft and interpret it.  Is there a working thesis statement?  Is there a rough outline?  What is your argument?  Now write a first draft in which you try to organize some of the ideas that you have.  Does this first draft still seem incomplete?  Write another one!  You might even want to consider starting a new draft from scratch!  You may actually be surprised by how much more you have to say and how much more coherent and complete a brand new draft can be. 

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