Questions for Reading Rhetorically

Questions for Reading Rhetorically

Professor Rodgers


1.     What is the writer’s purpose in writing?

2.     What is the author’s main point?

3.     How would you describe the relationship between the title of this essay and the writer’s purpose and main point?  

4.     Who is the intended audience for this essay?  How do you know who the intended audience is for this essay?  What may the title of the essay reveal about the intended and implied audiences for this essay?

5.     What do you notice about the writer’s diction, sentences, and paragraphs in the essay?

6.     In what ways do the author’s diction, sentences, and paragraph structures in this essay relate to what the essay is about? 

7.     What do you admire about the words, sentences, and paragraphs in this essay?

8.     What do you dislike about the words, sentences, and paragraphs in this essay?

9.     What writing strategies might you borrow from this essay when writing your own personal narrative essay?

10.  What did you learn about college writing from reading this essay?