LJ4: What Are Your Strengths as a Communicator?

Reading and Writing Assignment 3:  What Are Your Strengths as a Communicator?
Professor Rodgers
City Tech
ENG 1101:  College Writing

People often talk about (and sometimes seem to like to talk about) the fact that they "are not very good writers," or "don't know how to write," or "sure could use some help with writing."  And yet, people seem almost never to talk about needing help with talking.  Why is that?  Please write a paragraph reflecting on this phenomenon of how critical people are of their writing and yet how confident they appear to be in their talking.  Do you believe this is true, why or why not?

Secondly, please write one paragraph reflecting on whether you are more comfortable and confident expressing yourself in writing or in speech?  Why do you think this is the case?  What factors are involved in your feeling more comfortable with one as opposed to another mode of communication?

Thirdly, please write one paragraph in which you reflect on your strengths as a communicator.  What are they specifically?  How would you describe them?  Do you have these strengths in both written and spoken communication, or one or the other?  If the latter, how might a strength in one mode be transferred or translated to the other?

Finally, please write one or more paragraphs reflecting on the writing in your journal and in other assignments this semester.  Are there examples of your strengths as a communicator in this piece of writing?  If yes, where? If not, why not?

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