GA11: What Is a Bibliography?

First, please read “What Is a Bibliography?” (

Second, read about how to evaluate a source as a reliable one:

Third, read about “Citing Sources,” which occurs both when you use in-text citations and when you compile a bibliography or works cited list: .  You may also want to read over this handout:

Third, please respond to the following questions on our Open Lab site:

  1. What is your discipline or major?
  2. Do you know which style guidelines (MLA/APA/Other?) are used in your discipline/major? If not, how might you find out?
  3. Post the bibliographic citation for ONE of your sources in MLA format and indicate the format (book, periodical, electronic resources) that you used as a model (see below for citation guidelines for works in specific formats).
Purdue OWL MLA Works Cited Guidelines (Overview)
Periodicals (articles from newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals)
Electronic Sources (web sites, articles published on web sites and in online databases)