GA3: Brainstorming

Please print out and read the Personal “Literacies” Narrative Essay Guidelines.  Then, do some brainstorming!  (See the HANDOUTS section of our Course Open Lab site if you want to learn more about approaches to Brainstorming.  Here is one:  Brainstorming Exercise, e.g., "Back of the Napkin" Assignment:  First, please read over the Personal Essay Assignment Guidelines. Then, please spend some time writing about what you want the focus of your personal narrative essay to be.   You can write many pages, a list, or just a short note, but please spend anywhere from a half hour to an hour thinking about this. If you prefer, you can record yourself talking about your topic and then listen to that and reflect on what you heard yourself saying.  If you'd like a some more structured exercises for getting started with your brainstorming for this paper, you may want to use one you find here.  

Afterward, post a reply to the BRAINSTORMING A PERSONAL NARRATIVE ESSAY OpenLab post in which you write two short paragraphs:  in the first paragraph, you will describe HOW you brainstormed for this assignment; in your second paragraph, you will explain WHAT your topic will be for the narrative essay and WHAT you plan to write about.