GA8: Questions and Answers About SWE

This Group Assignment is in two parts.  Before beginning it, please read Professor Rodgers’ introduction to “Understanding Sentences in Standard Written English (SWE)”:

Part I: After reading this introduction, what specific questions do you have about sentences in Standard Written English (SWE) that you would like to have answered?  Please post three questions about some specific aspect of the SWE sentence.  For instance, “what is a run-on?”  “What is the difference between a period and a comma?”  “What is wrong with this sentence:  ‘The is dog cat eating the.'” “If it is possible to start a SWE sentence with the word ‘Because,’ why did my high school English teacher tell me NEVER to do that?”  “What is a sentence fragment, and how can I revise these in my writing?”  Be creative!  Ask anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to know about SWE sentences, and their functions/malfunctions.  Please post your questions to our Open Lab course site.

Part II:  Please read through all of your own and your classmates’ questions posted to GA8.  Locate the answer to ONE of your own questions and TWO of your classmates’ questions by looking up the answer to these questions on the Purdue OWL or in your English handbook.  Post a brief synopsis of the “answer,” along with a link to the Purdue OWL site or a reference to the page number of your handbook where you located this information.