Group Assignment 2

  • GA2.1:  Please read through the introductions (GA1.1) that your classmates have posted on our course OpenLab site and make sure that you are acquainted with everyone enrolled in the course.  Please also read through the GA1.2 posts regarding questions and answers about our course.  If you find that your questions have still not been answered, please post your question(s) again to our Open Lab site.

    GA2.2:  Please read about some guidelines for writing and sending college e-mails, which you will find here.  

  • GA2.3: Read about PARAGRAPHS in your English Handbook.  You may also want to take a look at this presentation about PARAGRAPHS.  Then, post a reply to my GA2.3 Open Lab post that includes:  1/ One paragraph about what you have learned about paragraphs.  2/ One or two questions that you still have about paragraphs.