Please read Edith Wharton's short story "Roman Fever," which you will find in Gwynn's _Fiction: A Pocket Anthology_.  As you read the story for the first time, please make a note of your initial reactions (positive and negative; interested and confused) to the story and and MARK any passages that you have questions about.  After reading the story twice, please respond to the following questions.  Please type this assignment and follow MLA formatting guidelines. We will be discussing these questions in class Monday, so please bring a printed copy of this assignment to class then. 

1/ At first glance and on a first reading, this story appears to represent a very particular social class at a very particular time in history.  Is it possible to relate this story to American society today?  Why or why not?

2/ Having re-read the story for a second time, do any of the passages that you've marked now make sense? Please choose one passage that you had questions about and explain how, upon a second reading, you are now able to interpret and understand the passage. 

3/ Wharton, Poe, and Chopin were all writers keenly aware of what is sometimes called the "craft of storytelling," or, in other words, the use and manipulation of various elements of fiction (character, plot, setting, narrative perspective, figurative language, diction, dramatic structure).  Which elements of fiction do you notice Wharton particularly exploring or experimenting with in this story?  Please explain.

4/ Why do you think Wharton chose to set this story in Rome? 

5/ Thinking about this story in comparison to the Poe and Chopin stories, do you see more differences or similarities amongst the three stories?  Please explain.