LJ3: How Do You Write?

  • Please read Professor Rodgers’ College Writing: Some FAQs About Writing As a Process, then spend 5 to 7 minutes free writing about Your Writing Process.  I’d like you to describe as much as you can about how you write.  I’m interested in knowing DETAILS regarding your history and experiences with writing, as well as how you write for college courses.  When did you learn to write?  What is your writing process like?  Where do you write?  What are the steps in your writing process?  I’m interested in all of the gory details here:  How, when, and where do you come up with your ideas for what to write?  How do you get started writing?  And then what do you do?  I’m interested in EVERYTHING that happens from the moment you receive a writing assignment to your submission of the final draft.  Do you write your ideas down?  Do you write your ideas and drafts by hand or on the computer?  Do you take a walk at some point to think about your writing?  Do you take a nap at some point?  Do you print out your drafts to revise them?  And then what?  And then…?  And then…?
        • With structured free writing, the only rule is that you are NOT ALLOWED TO STOP WRITING.  This means that if you do not have something to say/write, you just write, “I have nothing to say at the moment,” or “My mind is blank,” etc.  Please time yourself for this structured free writing assignment.  If you know where to start, just go ahead and start.  If you don’t know where to start, consider using one of this prompt: “I’ve never really thought about my writing process before, but I’m going to write about one specific experience I had with a writing project.  This project was…  I started this project by…”