Peer Review Worksheet Narrative Essay

Peer Review Worksheet

College Writing

Professor Rodgers

Essay Writer:

Peer Editor:

A Note on Peer Review:  Please make sure to read the essay at least twice before you complete this worksheet.  Remember:  be respectful and give the kind of feedback you would want in response to your own writing.  The focus of peer editing is on helping the writer to improve this paper and future papers. When you make an evaluation (“this is good; this needs work”), always explain your reasons, give specific examples, and make suggestions.  

After completing this peer editing worksheet, please e-mail a copy to the essay writer and to Professor Rodgers.   

What is your overall impression of the paper? What are its main strengths?

Are there sections or passages in the essay that you feel could be expanded?  Please explain which sections or passages you would suggest expanding and why you feel this might help strengthen the essay.   

Were there any points or sentences that you were confused by?  If yes, please list the points or sentences here:

Does each paragraph support a central point? Are there paragraphs that support multiple points and should be broken up into two paragraphs? Are

there paragraphs that are too “weak” to stand on their own as paragraphs?

Is there anything that could be cut from this paper?  For instance, does the writer repeat points or stray off topic?   If yes, please make a note of those places here:

Do you have any questions for the writer?  If so, please list them here:

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