Reader Response Assignment: Amy Tan

Reading Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue”


Please read Amy Tan’s essay “Mother Tongue,” which is in your reading packet. Please then write a one to two page letter to a friend in which you do the following:

1/ Explain what Tan essay is about, what happens in the essay, and why you would or would not recommend reading it

2/ Choose a passage that interests you, that you think is important  to the essay as a whole, or that you have questions about.  Explain to your friend the significance of this passage and/or what questions that you have about it

3/  If you were to summarize what Tan’s overall argument is in this essay, what would it be?  Do you agree or disagree with her argument?  Why?  Please explain.

Please use MLA formatting guidelines for this assignment and make sure to read over your responses at least once before handing in the assignment.