Reader Response Assignment: MLK

Reading and Responding to MLK's "Letter From Birmingham Jail"

Please read Martin Luther King’s essay "Notes From Birmingham Jail," which you will find on the Web:  After reading the essay, please write a two page Personal Response Essay.  In a Personal Response Essay, you develop one of your own thoughts in reaction to what you have read.  Your response may focus on how your own experiences relate to, or do not relate to, the essay, what you liked or disliked about either the content of the essay or the style in which it was written, what you noticed about the structure of or writing in the essay, or what connections--either to other texts or important events--the essay made you consider.  Your Response Essay should have a central idea that you explore throughout it, as well as well formed and focused paragraphs, an introduction, and a conclusion.

Make sure that the essay is in MLA format, meaning you will use a 12-point font, and the essay will be double spaced with one inch margins.