Reading and Interpreting Texts

Reading and Interpreting Stories and Narratives

Please read  the photocopied essay "Discovering Stories" that was handed out in class and Bill Johnson's
"Understanding What a Story Is, which you can access here:  After reading these essays, please do the following:

1/ How well does each essay fit or not fit with the structural overview of an essay on p.32 of Professor Rodgers' book?   Is there a thesis statement for each essay?  If so, please identify it?  Are there topic sentences for each paragraph?  If so, please explain what you noticed about ONE of the topic sentences in relation to one paragraph in each essay. 

2/ Please RE-READ the essays and write one to pages explaining, first, what the essays are about, second, what the key points of the essays are, third, comparing the two essays in terms of style or content or both, and finally, listing any questions that you have about the two essays.

Write a one to two page letter to a classmate, a friend, a relative, or Professor Rodgers, explaining how you might begin to think about and interpret the specific song you have chosen in relation to the things you've read about in the two essays.