Reading and Writing Assignment 1

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College Writing
Reading and Writing Assignment 1

What is this Class About?
Professor Rodgers

First, please read the following texts:

Active Reading

Introduction to What Is Writing?

Then, using a separate sheet, or sheets of paper, please respond to the following questions. This is informal writing, meaning the form and voice in which you reply is quite open ended. Please use MLA formatting guidelines for this assignment and make sure to read over your responses at least once before handing in the assignment.

1. When you saw the title of this course, what did you expect it would be about? What did you expect we would do in the course?

1a. Read through the Course Syllabus.  List three questions that you have about the Course or the Syllabus.

2. What would you like this course to be about? What writing issues would you like to work on in the course? What would you like to have accomplished by the end of the course?

3a.  Write one paragraph explaining what you learned from reading the essay entitled “Active Reading.” 

4. In his book about writing, Charles Bazerman writes:

“Writing involves other people. You respond to and build on other people’s statements; you then write for other people to read. As a reader and a writer, you converse with others over the written page. To converse effectively you need to know what is on the other people’s minds, how you want to affect other people, and how you plan to achieve that effect. Thus writing well requires that you understand the writing situation, grasp the particular writing problem, and carefully plan your writing strategy.” (1)

Please write one one paragraph in which you reflect on whether or not you agree with Bazerman, and why that is the case.

Please write one or more paragraphs explaining what connections you see between this paragraph and Professor Rodgers’ Introduction to What Is Writing?: A Brief Introduction to Writing as an Act of Communication.

5.  Do you have any questions about the readings?  Please make a note of them.  If there are any words or phrases that were unfamiliar to you also make a note of these and try looking up their definitions in a dictionary.