Reading Journal Assignment [Literature]

Reading Journal

In his chapter on keeping a reading journal, Charles Bazerman writes, "When you react to your reading, you start to make a link between the ideas suggested by the page and what happens in your mind—your responses. This link is essential for any kind of intellectual work. Because your reactions pass so quickly, turning your responses into words will help you hold on to them. Both writing notes in the margins of your books and keeping a reading journal will help you remember and develop your thoughts about reading." (Chapter 2, The Informed Writer).  

To begin keeping a Reading Journal for this course, first please read Bazerman's chapter about reading journals. Then please decide whether you plan to keep an electronic or a paper reading journal, or some combination of both.  Depending on your choice, please set this up.  You will keep notes about your reading, as well as your thoughts about readings in this journal.