Revised Re-Reading Your Personal Essay

RWA5:  Re-Reading Your Autobiography
Professor Rodgers
College Writing

1. As you re-read your autobiography, please consider both the style and content of the writing.  What does the style of the writing tell you about the writer?  Please use specific sentences as evidence to support your observations. 





2. Based solely on this draft, put together a portrait of the person being written about.  What is he or she like?  What adjectives would you associate with this individual?  How complete or incomplete is this portrait based on your own day to day understanding of your personality and identity?  If it is incomplete, what would make it more complete?  If complete, why is it complete?, i.e., cite specific elements in the essay that make it a complete portrait of yourself.  






3. Do you feel this draft clearly represents you?  Why or why not?









4.  What have you learned from your reading of other personal essays and how have you integrated what you’ve learned into this one?  If you have learned nothing from this reading, please explain why.  











5.  What questions do you have about this draft in general? 










6.  What questions/concerns do you have about the essay in the context of college writing?










7.  Reviewing this draft alongside Professor Rodgers' book, particularly pp. 10-13 and pp. 31-36, please respond to the following questions in whatever form, i.e., paragraphs, checklist, etc., you feel is most appropriate:  a/ What do you already know about college writing?; b/ What do you need to know about college writing?