RWA2: Intro to Writing and Rhetoric

  • Reading and Writing Assignment 2: Rhetoric and Writing:  An Introduction
  • Professor Rodgers
    City Tech
    ENG 1101:  College Writing

First, please read pp. 1-9 of Bazerman’s book The Informed Writer, making sure that you read carefully, look up any words that you are unfamiliar with, and take notes.  Then, please respond to Bazerman’s questions 1-3 in the WRITING ASSIGNMENTS section on pp. 9-10.  If you are looking for a brief overview of READING STRATEGIES FOR COLLEGE, check out this link:
“How To Read a Book” by Paul N. Edwards

Second, please LOOK OVER Professor Rodgers’ eBook
What Is Writing?: A Brief Introduction to Writing As an Act of Communication, which you will find in your Digital Composition Reader  paying particular attention to the section on Writing as Action and taking notes on that section.   

Once you have read both the Bazerman and the Rodgers, please respond to the following questions.  You can respond to questions #1 and #2 either in LIST form or in paragraph form.  Please write one or more paragraphs in response to questions #3 and #4:

1.  What are the key points that Bazerman makes in his chapter?

2. What similarities do you see between the Bazerman chapter and the Rodgers eBook.

3.  What differences do you see between the Bazerman and the Rodgers texts?  Which is most helpful to you?  Why?

4.  What did you learn about writing from reading these texts?

5.  Do you have any additional observations/comments about reading these texts or about what you know and/or have learned about writing in general?

6.  After reading both, are there any terms or concepts that you are not understanding or that you have questions about?