RWA10: First Draft of Essay 2 and an Introduction to Argumentation

Please bring in a draft working thesis statement and some paragraphs that use textual evidence to support your thesis statement.  We will be discussing these drafts in class on Monday.  Please DO NOT write an introduction or a conclusion yet.  Just focus on your argument, how to draft a thesis statement and how you plan to support your argument.  If you are interested in reading more about argumentation, take a look at these links:

Effective Argumentation

The Informed Writer (Chapter 5)

If you would like to see a sample argument essay, try this link:

RWA 8:  Introduction to Argumentation and Argumentative Essays

Our midterm exam will consist of a timed argumentative essay in response to a reading.  There are two purposes for the midterm exam:  1/ to give you practice writing an argumentative essay and 2/to prepare you for the final exam.  To start preparing for this exam, which you will take October 29, I’d like you to first to review some materials on Argumentative Writing located on the following three Web pages:

I’m not requiring that you do the suggested assignments, but if you would like to, please do.  I’d be interested in knowing if you find them helpful.

Please also review Professor Rodgers’ handouts related to writing thesis statements and her structural overview of a thesis-driven essay in “College Writing: Some FAQs”

After reviewing these texts, please write down three to five questions that you have about thesis statements and/or argumentative essay writing.