RWA11: Collecting Sources

RWA11:  Research Project: Collecting and Documenting Reliable Sources

Please read and take notes on the following information about Beginning the Research Process, Evaluating Sources and Searching the WWW created by City Tech library professor Bronwen Densmore:

Finding Information on the InternetLearn now to conduct more effective searches on the open internet.
Evaluating Information on the InternetLearn how to evaluate different kinds of information available online.
Identifying the Source of a Website Learn what to look for in order to identify the source of a website on the open internet.

OPTIONAL: Please read through the following information and COMPLETE THE QUIZ that is included on this site:

Then, please locate 3 reliable sources related to your topic on the internet and WRITE DOWN THE BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION USING MLA STYLE GUIDELINES FOR EACH.  Try to gather at least one SCHOLARLY ARTICLE, one NEWSPAPER ARTICLE, and one MAGAZINE ARTICLE.  Please try to use both the Open Internet and the Library Databases for locating articles.  Once you have located the articles, save and PRINT a copy of each–if you CANNOT print the article, please make sure you are able to access an electronic copy.

Finally, COMPLETE a Research Source Cover Sheet for each source.