RWA6: Actively Read Three Essays and Write a One Paragraph Summary of One Essay

  • RWA: Actively Read Nicholas Carr’s essay “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” , Ursula LeGuin's essay "The Death of the Book", and Deborah Brandt's essay "The Rise of Writing" and Draft and Revise a One Paragraph Summary in Response to ONE Essay

  • College Writing
    Professor Rodgers

To complete this assignment, please do the following:

First, based on the guidelines for Active Reading, please read,  annotate, and take notes on one of the three essays that we are currently reading.

Second, please complete a “Reverse Outline” of the essay.  For an introduction to Reverse Outlining, please read the Purdue OWL introduction to Reverse Outlining.

Third, please read Professor Rodgers’ Handouts on “Writing About Texts,” which you can access in the Handouts section of this website or by clicking here:  Writing About Texts

Fourth, please read Professor Rodgers’ Introduction to Summary Writing.  Afterwards, following these guidelines and those for writing about texts, write a one paragraph summary of one or more of the essays that you have read.  While I strongly encourage you to draft a one paragraph summary of EACH essay, you are only REQUIRED to DRAFT AND REVISE a one paragraph summary of ONE essay.  In class, I had said I wanted you to write a summary of all of the essays.  I misspoke.  Nevertheless, I think it would be a very good idea to write a one paragraph summary of EACH ONE OF THE ESSAYS.  If you decide to draft summaries for more than one essay, you will receive EXTRA CREDIT.