RWA7: Preparing a Finished Piece of Writing

RWA7:  Preparing a Finished Piece of Writing
Professor Rodgers
City Tech
College Writing

I would like you to prepare a piece of finished writing for next Monday.  Regardless of which option you choose, I’d like you to a/ indicate what audience you are writing for (professor, classmates, friends, other), b/ work through the revision, editing, and proofreading guidelines in Professor Rodgers’ book, pp. 40-42, BEFORE handing in the paper, c/ include a title for the essay, and, (of course) d/ follow MLA or APA formatting and textual citation guidelines.  

There are three options:

1/ Revise, edit, and proofread your autobiography.  

2/ Write a new autobiography based on your insights from the last assignment and the work we have done in our course this semester.  If you choose this option, I would like you to re-envision your autobiography as a statement about yourself in a form, tone, and style that you consider complete and that you consider interesting.  What is it that you are interested in writing?:  an academic essay, a lyrical essay, a personal essay, something else?  For which audience are you interested in writing such a piece for?  What dialect is most appropriate for this essay?  What structure is most appropriate?  What medium is most appropriate, e.g., print, video, Web, text-messaging, micro-blogging?  I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with.

3/ Write a compare/contrast essay in which you write about and consider three texts:  your autobiography, RWA3 (What Are Your Strengths as a Communicator?), and RWA6 (Re-reading Your Autobiography)