RWA3: Women and Writing:  Kate Chopin’s “Story of an Hour” and The Elements of Fiction

DUE Monday, Feb. 11

Reading and Writing Assignment 3: Women and Writing:  Kate Chopin’s “Story of an Hour” and The Elements of Fiction
Professor Rodgers

Please do the following two things:

1. Print out and read “Scent of a Woman’s Ink” by Francine Prose.

2.  Please read the following introduction to The Elements of Fiction:  Introduction to the Elements of Fiction (Bedford St. Martins).  After carefully reading and taking notes on this introduction, please read Kate Chopin’s short story “The Story of an Hour,” which you will find a link to in here and in our course Digital Reader.  Please print out a copy of the story, make notes on it, and take notes on it as you read.   After re-reading the story, please respond to the following questions:
1/ Please describe as carefully and completely as you can the key events in the story.

2/ Choose one paragraph or passage from the story that caught your attention or that you had questions about. Why did it particularly interest or confuse you? Why is it important to the story as a whole?

3/ In one paragraph, explain what you liked about the story. Locate at least one quote that reflects and illustrates what you liked about it.

4/ Based on what you’ve learned from reading the introduction apply the following terms to the story:  plot, theme, character, setting, story.

Please type your responses to these questions, follow MLA formatting guidelines, and make sure to read over your responses at least once before handing in the assignment.

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