Professor Rodgers
Intro to Women Writers
City Tech
DUE: Wednesday, Jan. 30.  Please make every effort to complete this assignment by MIDNIGHT on Tuesday, Jan. 29.

Your first Reading and Writing Assignment is in four parts.  Please respond to each question separately.

1. Please Introduce Yourself!   Please introduce yourself by creating a brief blog post on our Open Lab Site.  Make sure to include your NAME, your MAJOR, and a few things about yourself that you’d like to share with the class.

2. Three Questions About Our Syllabus

Please read over the course syllabus and in a BLOG POST list three SPECIFIC questions that you have about it.  For instance, “Why are we reading x instead of y?”; “What does the term ‘narrative’ mean?”; etc.  Once the questions are posted, I’d like each one of you to respond AT THE VERY LEAST to some of the questions that THREE of your classmates have posted.  These responses may include offering an answer, expressing your interest in the same question, or elaborating on the question.

3.  Why Study Women Writers?  In your opinion and based on your experience, please write one paragraph in which you explain why we should study women writers.  Please respond to this question by creating a BLOG POST.

4.  What Do You Think of the Avatar For This Course?  Do you love it or hate it?  Why?  Do you think it is appropriate or inappropriate?  Why? Please respond to these questions by creating a BLOG POST in which you write a short paragraph reflecting and considering them.

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