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Line Editing

From a focus on the structure of the essay, the thesis statement, overall argument, and paragraphs, it is now time to attend to sentence level revision. In the second stage of revision the focus is on your reader. Is what you are saying identical with your meaning in each sentence and paragraph?


Is your argument being clearly communicated to your reader? Is what is said” or written is identical to what is meant or intended both from your perspective and the perspective of your reader?

Are parallel ideas and structures balanced? Do any sentences repeat information stated elsewhere in your paper?

Are any sentences missing?

Is the structure of each sentence functioning properly?

Continuity and Transitions

Are the sentences in your paper in logical order?

Could you improve the continuity of sentences by altering their structure or adding transitions between them?

Word Choice

Is each word in your paper used correctly and as you intend it to be understood?

Is there a more effective word that you could choose to more clearly, concisely, or effectively communicate the point you are making?


Are there sentence patterns that are repeated near one another in a paragraph?

Are any words repeated in consecutive sentences or in the same sentence?

Are any ideas repeated in the paper, either in a single paragraph or in different paragraphs?