Professor Rodgers Introduction to College Writing Fall 2017

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Wednesday, Aug. 30 - Tuesday, Sept. 5
What Is Writing?: An Introduction to the Course and the Question   []   

Keywords: Rhetoric, Rhetorical Situation/Context, Writing, Reading, Modern Language Association (M.L.A.)
Course Syllabus

Introduction to What Is Writing?

Sullivan: Active Reading

Norton: Reading Strategies

Bazerman: What Is Rhetoric?

LJ1: Yourself

Group Assignment: GA1

Reading and Writing Assignment:
RWA1: What Is This Class About?
What Is Rhetoric?

What Is the MLA?

Taking Notes

Some Elements of Writing: Overview


Wednesday, Sept. 6 - 
Tuesday Sept. 12
Reading Is (a) Conversation(s): Reading as a Writer       

Week 1 Assignments Due: LJ1, GA1, RWA1

Keywords: Genre, Audience, Purpose, Writer, Rhetoric, Narrative, Annotation

Gorrell: The Writer/Reader

Bazerman: Responding to Reading: Annotation (pp. 15-18)

Three Personal Narrative Essays About Reading and Writing
LJ2: Yourself and Reading

Group Assignment: GA2

RWA2: Responding to Reading
Bazerman: The Reader's Active Role

Burton: What Is Rhetoric?

Wednesday, Sept. 13 - 
Tuesday Sept. 19
Writing Is a Process:  Brainstorming

Week 2 Assignments Due: LJ2, GA2, RWA2

Keywords: Brainstorming, Point of View, Paragraphs, Diction, Figurative Language, Rhetorical Strategies, Audience
Three Personal Narrative Essays About Reading and Writing

Bunn: "How To Read Like a Writer" 
LJ3: How Do You Write?

Group Assignment:
GA3: Brainstorming

RWA3: Brainstorming a Personal Literacies Narrative Essay

Brainstorming (UNC
Writing Center)

Brainstorming (KU Writing Center)

How Do I Start Writing? (Rodgers)

College Writing: Why Writing Is a Process (Rodgers)

Norton Guide to Writing Literacy Narrative Essays

Wednesday, Sept. 20 - 
Tuesday Sept. 26
Writing Is a Process:  Drafting, or Writing for Yourself and for Readers: NO IN-PERSON CLASS MEETING WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 20

Week 3 Assignments Due: LJ3, GA3, RWA3

Keywords: Drafting, Exploratory Draft, Literacies, Personal Essay, Introduction, Writing Strategies
Personal "Literacies" Narrative Essay Assignment

Three Personal Narrative Essays About Reading and Writing

Elements of Writing: Some Steps in Drafting: An Interactive Guide
LJ4: Envisioning a Personal Essay

GA4: Drafting: What Worked, What Didn't Work, What Questions Do You Have?

RWA4: Drafting a Personal Literacies Narrative Essay
Norton Guide to Writing Literacy Narrative Essays

College Writing: Some Steps in the Process (Rodgers)

Drafting: Some Steps (CUNY WriteSite)

Peer Review Guidelines


Wednesday, Sept. 27 - 
Tuesday Oct. 3
Writing Is a Process:  The Stages of Revision

Week 4 Assignments Due: LJ4, GA4, RWA4

Keywords: Revision, Structural Revision, Line Editing, Proofreading, 
What Is Revision?
1. Structural Revision
2. Line Editing (see WiW 42)
3. Proofreading (see WiW 43)

Revision: An Overview (PurdueOWL)

Revision: Higher Order and Lower Order Concerns (Purdue OWL)

How To Write an Introduction

How To Write a Compelling Conclusion (UNC)

LJ5: Reflecting on the Essay Writing Process

GA5: Questions and Observations About the Revision Process: Structural Revision, Line Editing, Proofreading

RWA5: Preparing a Finished Draft
UNC Writing Center: Revision

Norton Field Guide: Revision

Guidelines for Peer Editing

Some Elements of Writing: Paragraphs

Proofreading: A Checklist (PurdueOWL)

Wednesday, Oct. 4 - 
Tuesday Oct. 10
Writing Is (a) Conversation(s): Introduction to Argumentation

Week 5 Assignments Due: LJ5, GA5, RWA5

Keywords: Argument, Taxonomy, Grammar, Diction, Descriptive Grammar, Prescriptive Grammar, Thesis Statements, Reverse Outline

"Reading: Making a Mark" by David Bartholomae and Andrew Petrovsky

Nicholas Carr, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" (2008)

Ursula LeGuin, "The Death of the Book" (2012)

Deborah Brandt, "The Rise of Writing" (2014) [read pp. 1-5]
LJ6: Reading Online and in Print

GA6: Reflecting on and Discussing Our Collection of Personal Narrative Literacies Essays

RWA6: Actively Read and Respond to an Essay

Some Elements of Writing: Writing About Texts

Introduction to Summary Writing

Using Textual Evidence Effectively in Your Writing: Quoting, Paraphrasing, Summarizing

Essay Performance Rubric

Norton: Reading Strategies


Wednesday, Oct. 11 - 
Tuesday Oct. 17
Writing Is (a) Conversation(s):  Writing With and About Texts

Keywords: Thesis Statement, Claims, Evidence, Argument, Position, Supporting Points
A Brief Introduction to Argumentative Writing

Writing Commons: Distinguishing Between Claims and Evidence

Writing Commons: Thesis Statements for Argumentative Response Essays

Norton: Thesis Statements

Norton: Arguing a Position

LJ7: If you were to tell a story...

GA7: Post Your Draft Thesis Statement to the OpenLab :: DUE NO LATER THAN THE END OF THE DAY OCT. 13

RWA7: Write a five paragraph letter explaining why you agree or disagree with Carr's, LeGuin's, or/or Brandt's essay(s).

What Is a Thesis Statement?

Some Thesis Statement Tips

What Is a Paragraph?

What Is a Topic Sentence?

Structural Overview of a Five Paragraph Argumentative Response Essay


Wednesday, Oct. 18 - 
Tuesday Oct. 24
Midterm Exam

Keywords: Sentence, Sentence Integrity, Syntax, Diction, Punctuation, Usage, Mechanics, Independent Clause, Dependent Clause, Simple Sentence, Compound Sentence, Complex Sentence

The Phenomenon of Error in Writing

Understanding Complete Sentences in SWE

Professor Rodgers' Introduction to Understanding and Repairing Errors in SWE
 LJ8: If I were to tell ____ what I really think...

GA8: Questions and Answers About SWE

RWA8: Creating a Writing Inventory

Glover: Building Sentences

Trimmer: Understanding Sentence Elements

Professor Rodgers' SWE Error Glossary

Wednesday, Oct. 25 - 
Tuesday Oct. 31
Writing Is (a) Conversation(s):  Writing With and About Texts

Keywords: Textual Evidence, Summarizing, Paraphrasing, Quoting, Signal Phrase
Using Textual Evidence Effectively in Your Writing: Quoting, Paraphrasing, Summarizing

Using Textual Evidence Effectively (Quoting, Paraphrasing, Summarizing)

Riki Pichardo, "This Is Your Brain On Google: Diverse Perspectives on How Internet Usage Affects Reading Habits"

Sample Midterm Grade Report
LJ9: What Issue Are You Passionate About?

GA9: Write a short blog post (five to seven sentences) explaining why it is important to use textual evidence in college writing assignments and some of the MLA guidelines for using it, e.g., why ICE is so important, using signal phrases, MLA in-text documentation format, introducing and integrating short quotes versus long quotes, etc., etc., etc.

RWA9: Review your midterm exam and five paragraph letter alongside your writing inventory and guidelines for using textual evidence.  Afterwards, create a revised working draft of your midterm essay.

Overview and Chapter Summaries of They Say/I Say

They Say / I Say eBook Peer Review: Argumentative Response Essay

Wednesday, Nov. 1 - 
Tuesday Nov. 7
Writing Is (a) Conversation(s):  Writing With and About Texts
Keywords: Reliable Source, Keyword, Primary Research Source, Secondary Research Source, Bibliography, Scholarly Journal, Magazine, Newspaper, Publisher, Author, Title Page, Copyright Page
A Brief Introduction to College Research

ENG1101 Research Assignment

ENG1101 Library Research Worksheet

Judy Wajcman, “Pressed for Time: The Digital Transformation of Everyday Life” (Lecture; 2015) Craig Watkins, “Mobile Phones, Digital Media, and America’s Learning Divide” (2011) Langdon Winner, “How Technomania Is Taking Over the Millenium” (1997) Prem Mathrani, "Why Work 8 Hours a Day?" (2017)
LJ10: Writing, Dialects, and Choosing a Short Story

GA10: Questions About Developing Research Questions and College Research Projects  

RWA10: Introduction to College Research
 Rodgers: What Is Technology? "Preface" to Technology a Reader for Writers

 "What Is Technology: A Very Brief Introduction to the Word and Concept" (Rodgers)

Langdon Winner,Cyberlibertarian Myths and the Prospects for Community” (1997) [optional reading]

Wednesday, Nov. 8 - 
Tuesday Nov. 14
Research ProjectsResearch Source Cover Sheet

What Is the MLA? (expanded presentation)

Understanding Bibliographic Citations in the MLA 8th Edition: Tutorial
LJ11: Read the short story you selected and, after reading it, spend five minutes writing about it.

GA11: Understanding Bibliographic Citations

RWA11: Complete a Research Source Cover Sheet for each of the three research sources that you plan to use in your research project
What Is a Bibliography?

Wednesday, Nov. 15 - 
Tuesday Nov. 21
Research ProjectsSample Annotated Bibliography

Strategies for Using Textual Evidence (Hellman)

Some Strategies for Writing With Texts (Rodgers)

MLA In-Text Citation Style Guidelines
LJ12: Reflect on what it has been like to keep a weekly learning journal.

GA12: Paragraph Workshop

RWA12: Preparing an Annotated Bibliography
Documenting Sources in 2009 MLA Format (Bedford/Hacker Supplement)

Wednesday, Nov. 22 - 
Tuesday Nov. 28
Research Projects

Introduction to Drafting a Research Essay (Writing For Success)

Writing With Textual Evidence Worksheet

Overview of Sources Brainstorming Worksheets
LJ13: Optional: Design Your Own Writing Prompt 

GA13: One Paragraph Blog Post Comparing and Contrasting Your Three Sources [OPTIONAL]

RWA13: Draft Overview of Sources Essay

Sample Overview of Sources Essay

Wednesday, Nov. 29 - 
Tuesday Dec. 5
Research Projects

Draft Overview of Sources Essay and Prepare Final Course PortfolioRWA13: Draft Overview of Sources Essay 

Wednesday, Dec. 6 - 
Tuesday, Dec. 12
Final Exam Prep

Revise Overview of Sources Essay and Prepare Final Course Portfolio

Course Review

Revise Overview of Sources Essay and Prepare Final Course Portfolio
Wednesday, Dec. 13 Final Exam