RWA: Meet With Me, Meet With a Tutor, Create a Writing Inventory

RWA: Meeting with Me to Pick Up Your Essay, Creating a Writing Inventory, and Meeting With a Writing Tutor

Purpose:  to identify the writing issues that you plan to work on for the rest of the semester

Part I: Meet with me to pick up and briefly discuss your draft essay

Part II:  Creating a Writing Inventory:

1.  Take a look at all of the starred sentences.  What do you notice about these sentences? Why do you think Prof. Rodgers thinks they are impressive? Do you think they are impressive? Are there other sentences in the essay that you think are particularly impressive or effective?  If yes, list them and explain why you think they are impressive.

2.  List, interpret, and categorize each circled word/issue and marginal comment in the essay.  What’s going on with each word/sentence marked?  What happened? Did you make a typo? Need to revise?  Can you name the error?

3.  Make a list of all of the categories circled on the essay grading rubric

4,  Re-read Professor Rodgers’ ebook College Writing:  Some FAQs and her Understanding and Repairing SWE Errors in College Writing.

5.  Make a list of what you are beginning to see as recurring issues that you can work on in your writing.  Some of these may be SWE errors and therefore would be categorized as being related to Clarity.  Other issues may be related to Argumentation.  Some may be related to Structure.  Some may be related to Revision.  Please list at least one and no more than three issues that you plan to work on in the following three categories:  Argument/Structure/Clarity.

Part III:  Meet with a SPECIAL ENG1101 tutor.  When you go to meet with one of the tutors, who are available from 10:00am-7:30pm Monday through Thursday, and from 10:00am-4:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays, you MUST BRING ONE OF YOUR RWAs OR ESSAYS and a copy of the original ASSIGNMENT to your tutoring session.  I would like you to discuss SENTENCE EDITING STRATEGIES with the tutor.  If you’d like, you can also discuss questions that you have about Professor Rodgers’ handouts with the tutor.