RWA10: Introduction to College Research and Developing a Research Question

RWA10:  Introduction to College Research and Developing a Research Question  

Part I:

Please READ and take notes on Krause’s chapter “Thinking Critically About Research.”

Second, please read and take notes on the following tutorials related to Beginning the Research Process, 
Evaluating Sources and Searching the WWW:

Beginning the Research Process Learn how to begin approaching a research question: determine what information you need, where to find it, and how to begin evaluating it for use in your work.
Developing the Research Question Narrow down a broad research topic into a workable research question.

    More Information About Developing a Research Question 
    How To Write a Research Question (George Mason University) 
    Developing a Research Question (Empire State College/SUNY)
Finding Information on the Internet Learn now to conduct more effective searches on the open internet.
Evaluating Information on the Internet Learn how to evaluate different kinds of information available online.
Identifying the Source of a Website Learn what to look for in order to identify the source of a website on the open internet.

Part II:  Developing a Research Question

The first step in any research process is developing a research question that you can feasibly research in the time allotted for your research project.  The topic we will, as a class, be writing about for this research project is the very large topic of "Technologies and Reading and Writing Practices."  You have already written an argumentative response essay about this topic.  Now, I would like you to reflect on the writing and reading you've done and develop a draft research question on this topic.

Draft Research Question Brainstorming Worksheet


List of possible questions about technologies and reading and writing practices that I have:

Draft Research Question:

Why I am interested in this Research Question:

Why this question is worth researching:

Three questions that I have about the Research Question:




Now, if you have not already, please do some research related to your draft research question on the Open Internet, in one or more library databases, and in the City Tech library catalog.  Keep track of what you find!  You may find these sources useful moving forward.  

Complete the worksheet handed out at our library session, and which you will be handing in next week:

Revised Draft Research Question:  

Please bring BOTH completed worksheets to our next class session.  Please also post your Revised Draft Research Question on the Open Lab by the beginning of our next class session.